Relate provides counselling that is affordable Interns who will be qualified and experienced counsellors, training to become specialist couples therapists.


Their rates begin at $40 for Individual appointments and from $60 for partners appointments.


Relationship Intensives condense up to four weeks of treatment into a half or day that is full to fast monitor your reconnection and recovery. They truly are helpful for customers who will be starting treatment in a lot of stress, or simply just desperate to get things underway.


Grief or loss could be overwhelming for couples and individuals as life throws up numerous unanticipated or unwelcome challenges causing anxiety and anxiety. You might need help find a way using your pain or emotions of eating sadness. An therapist that is experienced allow you determine your talents and objectives, develop resilience and restore your joy.


Garry is Tuesday that is available, Friday & Saturday

Brett can be obtained on Tuesday, Friday in Karaka and on Zoom, and Thursday morning in Pukekohe, Thursday afternoon in Manurewa monday.

In Hwa comes in Mairangi Bay on Sundays

Jennifer is Monday that is available

Denise is available Monday – Thursday nights

Luke is available Mondays – Saturdays

Andrew is available Tuesdays – Thursdays

In Hwa is available Tuesdays evenings in Westmere


Joy is available thursdays that are tuesdays

Christine is available Thursdays and Fridays

Is the Relationship in big trouble?

Want Intensive Relationship Counselling Now?

Intensive and Marathon partners treatment sessions can be obtained with this Director Steven and that can be planned on weekends by arrangement. To enquire please e mail us.


With 80% regarding the partners we come across, one or more individual when you look at the relationship has received simply no style of treatment or counselling before – which will make it a nerve racking experience.

Include to the the proven fact that kiwi guys are taught extremely plainly that being susceptible and dealing with emotions means you might be a smaller guy also it’s clear exactly how much our male customers must love their lovers to also think about arriving at treatment.

Therefore with this thought, I’d like attempt to paint an image of a ‘typical’ very first session*. A little on the experience in a sense, I hope to lift the veil.

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING – an instant into the session that is first Jane and Matt ​Matt and Jane have already been hitched 8 years, they usually have 2 young children, Emma has simply turned 3 and James is all about to begin college in one single thirty days. They came across within their year that is final of. Jane ended up being learning become a librarian and Matt had been learning accounting. Jane delivered me personally a message when coming up with the scheduling. This is certainly our last chance I can do this anymore– I don’t think.

They arrive a minutes that are few for 8:30 visit, both clutching hot glasses of coffee. Steven happens and greets them and ushers them in. A couple is spent by them of moments in tiny talk, auckland traffic, the current weather. Steven notices that Matt appears pretty stressed, glancing round the available space, gazing during the flooring, their sound just a little more than normal. Jane is stressed too (mostly about Matt it seems) she keeps glancing at him, quick darting sideways glances.

In these 2 minutes Steven currently has a preliminary image of the relationship. This couple cares about one another in addition to relationship. Matt is most likely an emotional avoider which is why he could be most stressed in this environment. Jane is a caretaker, but experiencing overrun, her fast gazes shows she actually is not sure Matt will respond to caretaking. She’s additionally unwittingly subconsciously triggering their fight/flight pattern – (quick sideways glances are a threat indicator to animals).

Steven is smiling, breathing gradually and profoundly. Seeing the couple’s care pattern, also him a strong sense of hope though it’s not working well at the moment, gives. Dedication and care would be the two secret elements he can’t create – changing patterns in the other hand, that is a far easier task. Once you understand he has to distract the couple from their pattern Steven thanks them for coming and begins to explain a little concerning the procedure, he jokes just a little, watching Jane visibly flake out whenever Matt chuckles. He asks them about their counselling experiences – Matt none, Jane some specific counselling whenever her dad died.