All those who hate you really must be quiet before me personally; Their hearts are dead in regards to me personally; and their tongues are Mute

therefore that they’re generally not very able to inflict the smallest amount of damage Upon me personally, or the house, or my premises: And likewise, dozens of whom mean attacking and wounding me personally using their hands and weapons will be defenseless, fragile and conquered before me personally.

In this shall help me the holy energy of Jesus, that make all hands or tools of no avail.

All this work in the title of Jesus the daddy, the Son while the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The Watchful Eye for the Lord

A watchful attention is taking care of me personally. I will be protected, safe, and free.

He could be here viewing, i’m very happy to be, He could be right here viewing, watching over me personally.

I’ve been a lost lamb, simply taking care of me personally. We was thinking no one was had by me taking care of me personally.

I happened to be therefore lonely, worn and tired, but We seemed around and also this idea was created.

He could be right here viewing, watching over me. Look small lamb, shop around to see.

Look small lamb, He stated , i’m viewing over thee. Take in through the water so pure and thus clean.

Style regarding the water, after which you shall see. Open your eyes now, you will be all clean.

See little lamb, you will be white and all sorts of brand brand new. See small lamb, i am going to view over you.

Exactly just just How sort dear sir, to look at over me personally. I will be all and new. You will be so friendly sir, to greatly help me personally dear sir.

Many thanks for viewing, viewing over me personally. I’m protected, safe, and free.

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For the Lord he could be viewing, he could be viewing over me personally. We remained near their foot, I became helpless and tiny, but he viewed over me, that i will maybe not fall.

Come little lamb, follow me personally to your water. It is possible to take in from this here. We shall assist you to maybe perhaps perhaps not falter.

He knew that my knees had been all sore and tired, from dropping and dropping, once more on the ground.

Come small lamb, you can look at it once again. I am aware that you’re weak, but I’ll enable you to stay.

You talk therefore kindly, we believed to the person. You talk therefore kindly, You’ll assist me to face.

We took a small beverage, where he revealed me personally the water, and I also started initially to cry, my rips rolled down within the water.

Exactly why are you crying, He believed to me then? I have already been crying, once more, and once again.

Oh Master can you assist me personally? We have lost a hold, of my young ones over yonder, that are element of my fold.

Could you phone them master that is dear. To see if they’ll arrived at your water dear Master, see if they’ll please come.

You own me personally in complete safety, with care and comfort. You talk with me personally carefully, We have absolutely nothing to fear.

You’re so type dear Master. I will be satisfied with thee. Also you are still with me though I falter.

I will be a small lamb, all torn and poor, But i’ll be very happy to to use the feet.

Submitted by A.C.

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